Monday, 8 April 2013

(NEWS) CaRE at Program Transformasi Pertanian Bandaran Bersama UPM Di Pasir Gudang

17th March 2013 – CaRE was invited by Centre for Extension, Entrepreneurship and Professional Advancement (APEEC) to join them at Laman Rekreasi Sungai Buluh, Pasir Gudang. CaRE’s objectives for this program were to share evidence-based cancer information, generate awareness on healthy lifestyle and promoting CaRE services to the community of Pasir Gudang. On that day, 70 people from around Pasir Gudang visited CaRE’s booth.

Visitors were looking for cancer information at CaRE’s booth

One of the visitors bought books published by CaRE

CaRE would like to extend appreciation to those visitors who provided feedback to us

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