Thursday, 9 August 2012

(NEWS) Invention, Research & Innovation Malaysia (PRPI) 2012

Exhibition of Invention, Research & Innovation Malaysia (PRPI) 2012 was held on 17th -19th July 2012 at Dewan Besar, Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Art and Culture Centre, (PKKSSAAS), UPM. CaRE was represented by 4 entries and all the entries won awards. Congratulations to Director of CaRE & her research associates for the success.

Below is the list of the medal and the entries:

1.       Family Support in Cancer Survivorship (Prof Dr Mazanah Muhamad)
2.       Why Breast Cancer Patients Seek Traditional Healers (Prof Dr Mazanah Muhamad)
3.       Traditional Healers and Western Medicine: The Challenge of Addressing Malaysia’s Cancer Burden Through Collaboration (Prof Dr Mazanah Muhamad)

1.       Internet Use and Breast Cancer Survivors (Prof Dr Mazanah Muhamad)

Some pictures on PRPI 2012:

Gimmick for the presentation

Judges on the 1st day

Judges on the 2nd day

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