Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Saturday (16th June 2012), KanWork in collaboration with CaRE successfully held a seminar on “How to Remain Healthy? A Holistic Approach”. A knowledgeable medical practitioner in this subject matter,  Datin Dr. Norazizah was our speaker on that day.  This seminar was attended by 38 participants comprising cancer survivors, caregivers, volunteers, UPM staff & students and public.

Datin Dr. Norazizah

The participants of the seminar

Datin Dr. Nora also shares with the participants, “To look youthful, you must practice to hold your breath for about 60 seconds.”

The participants trying to hold their breath while Datin Dr. Nora does the counting

Q & A Session

We would like to record our thank you for the support accorded to this seminar. We look forward to your participation and support to our next program. Lots of love from us…Thank you… 

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